Worship Service Recaps

Reflections of a Celebration

What a wonderful, full-day celebration we had last Sunday!

Here are the photos from CLCC’s 26th Anniversary Celebration that we experienced as a family last week.


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“Follow Through”

Good day, World Over-comers!
During this past Sunday morning service, the Holy Spirit encouraged us to “Follow Through” with the things that we are aiming at for “Raising The Standard” in our lives this year. As I mused on these things the past couple of days, I thought it would be good to give a brief re-cap for those of us who were present on Sunday and for those of us who were not.
We read from John 8:31-32, Philippians 3:13-14 and 2 Timothy 4:1-8. Following through, i.e. being a finisher is fundamental to our success. All of our mechanics, our goals, our plans, our outlines, our desires, etc. may be correct; they may all be good. However, without our following through, the goal cannot be reached. From golfing to bowling, to pitching a baseball and all other sports, follow through is important to the successful completion of the motion.
Regardless of the area or goal, four (4) things are important to us if we are to be good finishers:
    1. We must DEDICATE to the goal. Dedication is the basically our decision, our proclamation that we are going to see things through to completion. Lacking this dedication really means that we did not consider the goal worthwhile to begin with.
    2. The MECHANICS, or, the elements, the outline of our goal(s) must be in place. What is our plan to reach the goal that we have dedicated to? How will we get there?
    3. Implementation. We must set the mechanics in motion. We start working the plan.
    4. Follow through. We make sure that the goal is not aborted; we stay with it until the task is finished.
We proclaim that we receive the help of the Holy Spirit to be good finishers!
Make it a Great Day!
Galatians 6:9-10