Watch Your Step!

“It is inevitable that stumbling blocks should come, but woe to him through whom they come.” Luke 17:1 New American Standard Bible

In this time that we live, opportunities to be offended are in abundance. As you walk this pathway of Christian living, you will have to be acutely aware of what is in your path. There will be little things and big things that the enemy will attempt to use and magnify through the actions of others. There is a very simple solution for you and that is TO CHOOSE NOT TO BE OFFENDED! Someone might say, “How is that possible?” The way to do it is to get to know God as love, follow His example and receive His commandment to walk in love. If you will do this you will find the Holy Spirit lighting your path in such a way that you will see how to deal with these things and some of them you will see even before you get to them. It will take time and dedication. You can do it!

Scripture reading: Psalm 119:165; 1 John 2:1-10

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