He’s More Than Enough
“…I am the Almighty God…”

God said to Abraham, “I am Almighty God.” To get any kind of picture of what God was saying to Abraham we must look at what this Name means in the Hebrew language. El Shaddai is the Name and it actually means “The Breasty One.” Through this Name God is implying that “I am and have more than enough; I can nurse and take care of every need of every one and never run out.” We, as the church of Jesus Christ, are at a place where we must receive this part of Who God wants to be to us. The witness that we are to be in the earth requires that we receive abundance to meet the needs of others and that our own needs be met by our own God and no one else.

Search the Scriptures and see the promises that God makes concerning His people living in abundance, receive them and then put your faith into motion.


Scripture reading: 3 John 2; Mark 10:29, 30; Romans 8:31, 32; Psalm 112

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