Focus Your Life and Bring It Under Control
“Choose God’s way and give it priority in your life because there are many easy choices you can make which will lead to meaninglessness and despair, and many persons will choose those routes. Because the choice to express the Spirit dimension requires you to focus your life and bring it under control, few people will choose it. They would rather keep all their options open, a course which results in the loss of life and meaning.” Matthew 7:13, 14 Ben Campbell Johnson
Focus. What a challenge for us in the day that we live in; particularly in areas that we are either uncomfortable with or have allowed to get out of control. If we are going to express the life and kingdom of God in this earth, then we must focus our lives and bring them under control. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you today to focus your life and bring it under control. Ask Him to show you areas that are out of control and how to focus in order to bring them back under control. He will help.

Scripture reading: James 1


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