Love My Enemies?
“Love your enemies…” Matthew 5:44
Love my enemies? Why would I want to do that? Well, as much as we do not want to hear it, it’s the right thing to do, the “God thing” to do. Do you realize the Father’s attitude towards those who mistreat and abuse Him? Matthew 5:43-48 gives us a good illustration. When people curse Him, despitefully use and persecute Him, do you know what He does? He does good to them and blesses them. Verse 45 says that He causes the sun to shine on them and He sends the rain upon them. Jesus tells us that we are to be just like our Father. Why is this important? Is God wanting us tormented? No! Here’s one answer. Are you ready for this? It’s powerful. The Father knows Who He is and He is not going to lower Himself to strife, disharmony or what others say or think about Him. He is not going to allow the words or the actions of any other being to cause Himself to fall out of character with Himself. NO ONE ELSE WILL DEFINE HIS CHARACTER! He is attempting to help us to see the same thing. We are in His family, the blessed, His righteousness in Christ, joint heirs with Christ, the possessors of all things and the list goes on. When we understand who we are as He understands Who He is, then we can release the power of His blessing into the lives of those who come against us. Here is the power in this: Romans 2:4 says that the goodness of God is what leads people to repent. When we do as He does, we provide people with what they need to see the truth and it challenges them to change. Don’t allow anyone else to cause you to fall out of character with yourself. Be as your Father, love your enemies and empower them to change.
Scripture reading: Matthew 5:43-48; Romans 12:18-21

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