Where You Go, God Goes

“But he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.” 1 Corinthians 6:17

Have you ever thought about this as a fact: wherever you go and whatever you do, you are carrying God with you? Many of us need to begin to think this way and think this way with consistency. Not only does God live inside of you, but you are one spirit with him. Wow! We are so vitally connected to the Lord that He can’t get away from us and we can’t get away from Him. If you do works of righteousness, He is right there. If you perform acts of kindness, He is there. If you speak words of blessing to someone, He is right there. If you walk off into some sin, He is right there with you; never to leave or forsake you.
So, as you rise this day and go here and there, just remember: you are taking God with you! You will begin to treat His Presence in you with the utmost of respect.

Scripture reading: Hebrews 13:5-6


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