Bound By Bad Habits?

“But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.” Romans 13:14

Every Believer at some time or another has had some kind of issue with some bad habit or besetting sin (unless you are very special or have come from a planet that we don’t know of). It can be very frustrating until you see from the Scriptures what you need to do and then commit to it. I have found, both personally and in ministry to others, that Romans 6 is a very vital Scripture when dealing with issues such as these. This is an important Scripture concerning our union with Christ and it walks us through some redemption facts, that when applied as the Holy Spirit lays them out to us, provides vital victory for us in living victoriously over sin. If you are challenged in some area, walk through this chapter verse by verse and do exactly as it tells you. If you will do it, and remain committed to it, you will experience the power made available to us to overcome any bad habit or sin of the flesh.

Scripture reading: Romans 6:1-23


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