Everything Starts Small
“For who has despised the day of small things?…”
An important thing for every believer to understand is that in the kingdom of God, everything starts with a seed. A seed is a small thing but the potential of its greatness lies within. Given the right environment, the proper nourishment and care, it will fulfill its potential and grow to be whatever is on the inside. The things that we do for God are the same. The day of beginning will be small, however, that is not to be despised. Don’t compare yourself with others who are moving along at a pace that is not yours. Keep your competitive eye off of the field of others and tend to your own field. If you will do this, then over time the potential that is in the “seed of your small thing”, i.e. “your day of beginning” will grow to its potential as well. Water your seed, nourish it, keep it in its environment for growth and everything will turn out just fine.

Scripture reading: Mark 4:26-29


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